Post Divorce Care for Executive Women

The post-divorce period is highly trying for many people and their loved ones. It brings trauma to not only the parents enduring it but the children, too. Divorce can also be emotionally taxing and financially burdensome for most people. In such a difficult time, many friends surprisingly abandon ship when you need them the most. Even the friends remaining can not be there for you 24/7. Ultimately, it is your cross to bear and your path to work alone.


Most divorces occur because of significant differences, personality disorders such as narcissism, cultural and religious strongholds, and many forms of abuse. It is common to see couples struggle with such issues during marriage, and failure to address these issues can lead to divorce. After enduring divorce, healing, and learning from your mistakes is essential. 


At the Potters Behavioral Medicine Clinic, we have a special program to assist you. This program will help you overcome much of this trauma, find your passion for life again, and rediscover yourself. The initial visit is an assessment to determine where you are in your recovery journey and rule out mental health complications. We will then decide if the 12-week coaching program is appropriate for you.


Please note that the coaching program is not covered by insurance.